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Advance Appliance Services, Inc.

Technology has come a long way in a short period of time, and this does not exclusively apply to smartphones and laptop computers. New common household appliances may not receive as much recognition as the next big Apple release, but this doesn’t mean they’re not keeping up with the times.  

Because appliances aren’t hyped up as much as other technologies, you may not know about their latest and greatest innovations. If you believe that it’s time for an appliance overhaul, our trusted team installs some of the best appliance brands in the industry. Contact us today if you’re in need of a new appliance, and read on to learn about all of the innovation that exists when it comes to appliances and how they can make our lives easier today. 

A WIFI Enabled Refrigerator 

While this sounds unreal, hear us out. There are some amazing things a WIFI enabled fridge can do. With the smart refrigerator from Samsung, you’ll be more organized and connected to your family than ever. The touchscreen “Family Hub” on this appliance can keep your grocery list organized, notify you when it’s time to plan a shopping trip, and can show you the contents of your fridge from anywhere via multiple internal cameras. When it comes to things other than food, the Family Hub can play music, movies, and so much more. Family Hub features a calendar to keep you up-to-date on what everyone is doing, and multiple user profiles make this a breeze. There’s not much this appliance can’t do. If you’re looking for the ultimate kitchen and organization experience, look no further than this smart fridge. 

For less technology, but a cool feature nonetheless, check out LG’s InstaView Refrigerator. Tinted glass allows you to see inside this fridge by just knocking on the door. The contents of your fridge will then be illuminated without having to open the door, letting cold air escape. This refrigerator saves energy in such a simple and neat way.  

Two Ovens in One

The Samsung Flex Duo Oven allows users the advantage of cooking two different dishes at once, at different temperatures. Its Smart Divider is inserted into the oven to create two different cooking spaces. This can be removed to accommodate for one large dish at a time as well. This oven also has an easy gliding rack for easy removal of large items such as a Thanksgiving Turkey. 

When it comes to this oven’s range cooktop, induction cooking is taken to the next level with LED lighting to visibly show which burners are on and cooking.  

Laundry Machines with More Options 

Some of today’s laundry machines allow you to do more diverse loads of laundry at one time. The LG Sidekick has a special compartment for those items you need to clean in a pinch. If you can’t wait to put these things in a larger load, or have only a few whites to clean, the small load “SideKick” will be a great addition to your laundry room.

With Samsung’s activewash, a separate compartment allows you to soak clothing for stain removal right in the machine. The built-in sink on top of the appliance drains clothing and water right into the main washer with a flip of the lid. Doing laundry today is now easier, quieter, and more energy efficient than ever.   

Advance Appliance Service, Inc. 

Have you been looking to upgrade your common household appliances? Advance Appliance Service, Inc. can help you choose the new the appliances you’ve been looking for from a number of trusted brands. If you’re not into the high-tech aspects, we can also recommend basic appliances that are more efficient than ever. Our professional team specializes in repairs as well as new appliance installations. Contact us today at 615-884-8428 if you’re ready to take your home and its appliances into the 21st century.  

6 Signs Your Dishwasher Needs to be Repaired

Has your dishwasher been acting up lately? Maybe you’re not sure what’s cause for concern when it comes to this handy appliance. To clear some things up, we’ve listed some common signs that it’s time you have your dishwasher looked at for repair. 

1. Your Dishes Aren’t Hot When Removed  

Of course, this all depends on the timeliness in which you remove your dishes from the appliance. If your dishes aren’t coming out hot immediately after a cycle is through, though, this is a sign your dishwasher isn’t functioning properly. Without warming up, your dishes aren’t being effectively sanitized. To avoid dirty dishes and further damage to the washer, this is an issue you should get checked out as soon as you notice it. 

2. Dishes Aren’t as Clean as They Used to Be, Either

After a while, appliance performance may begin to decline. If your dishes are no longer coming out of the dishwasher clean, or as clean as they used to, it’s likely there is a problem that will need fixing. 

3. The Door Latch Won’t Close Properly or at all Anymore 

A dishwasher won’t function at all if its latch won’t close. If this is the case, a simple repair to the latch could be all your dishwasher needs to get up and running again. If the only problem is the dishwasher’s latch or another door closing mechanism, your dishwasher will be back to normal in no time.  

4. There Are Drainage Problems 

If you’re running your dishwasher and it doesn’t seem to be draining properly, this is definitely a sign of a problem that needs repairing. With this issue, you’ll notice pooling water in the bottom of the washer after every cycle. Maybe it will eventually drain (slowly, of course), but it might stop draining entirely. If this is the case, you’ll want to stop running cycles until you get your dishwasher repaired. 

5. You Notice Cracks and Rust in the Appliance 

Signs of aging may also allude to your dishwasher needing a major repair or replacement. Do you notice cracks on the inside of the appliance that look as if they’re getting worse with every use? Or do you see rust accumulating at the bottom of the washer? Do some investigating to make sure the rust hasn’t come from something you’ve recently washed. If you determine the source of the rust is from the dishwasher’s components, it’s time for a repair. 

6. It’s Old, and No Longer Efficient 

Technology has come a long way in such a short period of time. While an old appliance may not be the most pressing matter, perhaps it’s time to completely upgrade your dishwasher. We can help you choose and install a new appliance that will get the job done better and with increased efficiency.     

Advance Appliance Service, Inc. 

If you have noticed any of the signs above in your dishwasher, it may be time to give us a call. Our helpful service technicians can repair problems you may face with your dishwasher and a number of other common household appliances. Give us a call at 615-884-8428 to schedule a repair.

Gas vs Electric Oven: Which is Best for Your Kitchen?

When it’s time to look into buying the perfect oven for your kitchen, there are two main options people typically look at: gas and electric ovens. To ensure that you select the right appliance for your kitchen, take a look at our pros and cons list below.

Electric Oven Pros

Easy to Clean

A great feature with electrical ovens is that the flat-surface is easy to wipe down when it’s time to clean. This is good news for those who spend hours on cooking a big meal and don’t want to spend even more time cleaning. Also, to properly clean other ovens, namely gas ovens, you have to take off sections to really get in the crevices. With an electric oven, this is not a concern because of the smooth, flat surface. By not having to rearrange everything, you don’t have to worry about potentially breaking your oven when trying to clean it.

Has More Features

An electric oven, like many other electric appliances, includes several features that are not available to other appliances such as wireless connectivity, convection fans, and more. It also includes different settings that cater to the food you are making so you know it will be cooked at its optimal best. If you are concerned that all the fancy features may be too much for you, don’t worry. They are actually very simple to use which for many is an additional bonus. Especially to those who are not cooking/baking experts.

Cost Less

Electrical ovens are a very common appliance because they are so inexpensive. They are easy to install (they just plug into an outlet) and they don’t require any tricky wiring like gas ovens do. Not to mention if the oven ever needed a repair, it wouldn’t cost nearly as much as you might think and is typically a simple fix.

Electric Oven Cons

Relies on Electricity

The last thing you want to happen while cooking something in your oven is for your electricity to go out. Once that happens, your oven is no longer in commission. So you may have to think of another way to make your meals.

Takes Longer to Heat Up

Because electrical ovens do not rely on flames like a gas oven would (which is instant heat), an electric oven could take a little longer to heat up. Although it does distribute heat well, the wait time is seen as a definite con.

Cooks Slower

Waiting for the oven to heat up could cut into your cooking time. If this happens during the holidays, nobody is happy about it.

Gas Oven Pros

More Energy Efficient

A great benefit of having a gas oven is that it uses a lot less energy than an electric oven. The time it takes to heat up and cool down is significantly quicker than with an electric oven because once the flames are on, it’s ready, and once the flames are gone, cooking is over. Therefore, gas ovens consume less energy than electric ovens that take a while to both start and stop cooking.

Low Maintenance

Gas ovens, contrary to popular belief, are very low maintenance when compared to electrical ovens. You may have to change out a few parts here or there, but nothing strenuous like with electrical ovens. And the best part about it? The parts you typically replace are inexpensive.

Heats Up Quickly

A gas oven does not have a preheat setting like an electric oven because the second the gas is turned on and the flame is lit, you are ready to go. You don’t have to wait around, which for those who are making an important meal is a great benefit.

Gas Oven Cons

Costly Appliance

Gas ovens, unlike electrical ovens, typically have a higher price tag for a number of reasons. A main issue is that connecting all the lines together can be a hassle. Gas ovens also have a longer lifespan which is not a con, but when it is the reason for making the price on a gas oven go up, can be.

Difficult to Clean

As stated above, to properly clean a gas oven you may have to move around a few things. If you accidentally knock something out of place when doing this, you could notice your flame is uneven the next time you cook.

Potential Health Risks

Because your gas oven works on gas wires, you could face serious health issues if your line were to leak. If this happens, having it repaired is not going to be cheap but neither would your health bill.

When you decide on the right oven for your kitchen, give Advanced Appliance Service, Inc. a call at 615-884-8428 to have it professionally installed. And if for any reason you need repairs or maintenance on your appliance, our friendly, professional staff is ready to help! Let us know how we can help today.