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About Advance Appliance Service

Family Owned and Operated Since 1997

Fueled by an undeniable desire to prove himself, Doug Harris started Advance Appliance Service out of his dining room in 1997. He had been working for a small family business and felt there was more out there for him, so he decided to take the risk and start his own company. With a family to support and the odds stacked against him, he stuck to his goal of providing honest, high-end appliance services to the Nashville area – and emerged on the other side a success.

Advance Appliance Service is an appliance service company built on hard work and commitment to the customer. Part of Doug’s dream was to build a company that he could be proud of, and his outstanding service record and factory-trained staff are a testament to his accomplishing that goal.

Reliable Service from the Very First Call

Aiming for superior customer service, Advance Appliance Service treats every customer like family. Since the beginning, our focus has been on the customer – we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

When you choose Advance Appliance Service, you know you are getting a factory-trained technician who is happy to help. From the folks out in the field to the customer service representatives that follow-up after the job is completed, we are truly a company that focuses on stellar customer service.

Doug Harris


Rebecca Harris

(Co-Owner and Office Mgr)

Royce Smith

(Service Manager)

John Rushton

(Senior High End Specialist)

Jennifer West

(Parts Dept)

Clint Crowder

(Senior Technician)

Darren Guhy

(Senior Technician)

Shannon Musgrave

(Customer Service)

Thomas Deadman

(Senior Technician)

Wayne Loyacano

(Laundry Specialist)

Bill Stallings

(Service Technician)

Jeff Wilcox

(Refrigeration Specialist Technician)

Jason Swinehart

(Senior Service Technician)

Dan Watts

(Senior Technician – Refrigeration Specialist)

Troy Poole

(Service Technician)

Shaun Krzeminski

(Service Technician)

Carlos Vazquez

(Service Technician)

Brandy Simmons

(Parts & Customer Service)

Monty Musgrave

(Head of Security)

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