what gas ranges are made in the united states

High-End Appliance Reviews: Best Gas Ranges Made in the USA

High-end gas ranges are more popular than ever due to their superior power and performance. Purchasing a range that’s USA-made though has the added bonus of supporting American business. But are you wondering what gas ranges are made in the United States? From Wolf to Thermador, our list of the best gas ranges made in the USA combine quality with American ingenuity.

Evaluating the Best Gas Ranges Made in the USA

The best gas ranges made in the USA offer a variety of styles, features, and price points. We’ll compare our favorite models in each brand so you can make the best decision for your cooking preferences.

Wolf Ranges

Wolf began as a small, California-based appliance company in 1934 but quickly became known for their superior craftsmanship. Bought by American appliance powerhouse, Sub-Zero, in 2000, production was moved to Madison, WI. Since then, Wolf ranges have become synonymous with power and sleek design, with their signature red knobs as a hallmark of the brand. 

Among the best gas ranges made in the USA, Wolf is most known for its power. Their 48-inch Gas Range, GR488 exemplifies this strength with 8 burners and two ovens, the larger of which offers convection capabilities. While almost every burner offers up to 15,000 BTUs, Wolf expertly delivers this power with an even, steady heat. Though this craftsmanship comes with a high price tag, the brand’s quality and easy gas range maintenance are undeniable.

gas ranges made in the usa
Image: Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove

KitchenAid Ranges

KitchenAid’s claim to fame begins with their invention of the stand mixer in 1919, the quality and popularity of which continues today. While the brand expanded to other kitchen appliances, the American appliance giant, Whirlpool, fostered their growth with its purchase of the company in 1985. From its manufacturing center in Cleveland, TN, KitchenAid offers some of the best American-made gas ranges at a mid-range price point.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in their commercial-style ranges, which offer incomparable power compared to similarly-priced counterparts. The KitchenAid 36″ Smart Commercial-Style Gas Range has 6 burners, two of which offer up to 20,000 BTUs. The spacious convection oven offers over 5 cubic feet of space, boasting the ability to roast a turkey and all its sides together. With smart capabilities via the KitchenAid app, this range provides modern convenience with high-end power and design.

best american made gas ranges
Image: KitchenAid

Viking Ranges

While Viking made its name in the restaurant industry, they were the first to recognize consumers’ desire for more range power at home. Their first residential line of commercial-grade stoves debuted in 1987 and have dominated as an American brand gas range ever since. Owned by the USA-based Middleby Corporation since 2012, all Viking ranges are made by hand at their Greenwood, MS headquarters.

Though first known for commercial ranges, it’s a testament to Viking that the same precision and power is available in its smallest residential range. The 3 Series’ 30″ Self-Cleaning Dual Fuel Range, RVDR3302 contains 5 gas burners, two of which provide up to 18,000 BTUs. The electric oven offers unparalleled space in a range of this size at 4.7 cubic feet. With Viking’s RapidReady preheat system, it provides a steady, even heat in minutes.

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Image: Viking

Thermador Ranges

Our list of high-end range reviews would be incomplete without Thermador and its 100-year-old American history. Patterning its ranges after commercial designs but offering residential adaptations and style has been its hallmark since the early 1950s. Though currently owned by the German BSH Corporation, all of Thermador’s ranges are hand-made at their manufacturing center in LaFollette, TN.

Thermador’s 36-inch Pro-Grand Commercial Depth Gas Range, PRG364WLG contains every amenity in a manageable size for the average kitchen. The brand’s patented Star Burners offer over 56% more heating space than the average round burner. Their superior technology is further evidenced in the simmer burner, which can provide a steady, even heat as low as 100℉. Wifi smart capabilities and Thermador’s signature sleek appearance make this range the ultimate modern kitchen appliance.

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Image: Thermador

While you can’t go wrong with any of the best gas ranges made in the USA, glitches and malfunctions can happen sometimes. Advance Appliance Service is here when you need us to help with any high-end gas range repair.

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