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Why Is My Bosch Dryer Making Loud Noise?

Since most dryer sounds blend into the background, loud noises can sound downright booming. Why is my Bosch tumble dryer making screeching noise? Overloading the dryer can strain certain components, causing a screeching sound while it’s in motion. Troubleshoot a Bosch dryer making loud noise and solve the problem by finding the source of the sound.

How to Silence a Bosch Dryer Making Loud Noise

While most loud dryer sounds can be fixed with a simple adjustment, there are some that require a professional repair. We’ll specify the cause for specific sounds and pinpoint the right solution.

Dryer Is Humming

In most cases, a humming sound indicates normal dryer function. The blower motor typically makes a humming noise as it runs, pushing air out of the dryer. This sound is so typical that a dryer not starting usually makes no humming noise, indicating a malfunction.

Dryer Makes Rattling Noise

What does it mean if your dryer makes noise when tumbling that sounds like rattling? It could be one of several possible causes, most of which are resolved with a quick adjustment.

These are common causes of dryer rattling sounds:

  • Dryer is not level: An unlevel dryer can vibrate more while in use, resulting in rattling sounds. Check the dryer’s legs to make sure they’re flush with the floor, adjusting them as needed. Use a carpenter’s level to make sure the dryer is sitting evenly.
  • Loose exhaust vent: Loose venting can also vibrate during drying cycles, making a rattling sound. Make sure the venting is properly positioned and secured. If you’ve noticed your dryer takes forever to dry, check the venting for clogs that can limit airflow and elongate drying times.
  • Another object is too close: Make sure nothing is resting next to or on top of the dryer and that it’s adequately spaced from the washer. The dryer can make rattling noises if it’s leaning against another object.
  • Loose items: Coins, paper clips or buttons can make a rattling sound as the dryer tumbles. Pause the drying cycle to look for loose items, removing any before resuming.

bosch dryer making loud noise

Dryer Makes Thump Noise

If your Bosch dryer is noisy with thumping sounds it may be overloaded with too many items. 

Follow these tips to avoid loud noises from overloading:

  • Only dry one wash load at a time.
  • Fill the dryer no more than half way for each drying cycle.
  • Wash large or bulky items on their own or with one or two smaller items.

Dryer Is Squeaking or Grinding

A tumble dryer making grinding noise or squeaking sounds can also be due to overloading. Heavy drying loads can strain multiple components, causing them to grind or squeak while the dryer is in motion. Use the above tips to prevent overloading and loud dryer sounds.

Clothes that are too wet from the washer can also create extra weight in the dryer drum even if it isn’t overloaded. If you find your Bosch dryer running loud as soon as you start a cycle, check your clothes for excess moisture. If they seem too wet, put them back in the washer and run a second spin cycle to remove the extra water.

bosch dryer running loud

Faulty Bosch Dryer Parts

If all else fails, it’s possible a faulty part is responsible for your Bosch dryer making loud noise.

These part malfunctions can result in loud dryer sounds and should be addressed by a professional repair service:

  • Clogged blower wheel: Lint, debris or small articles of clothing can escape the lint filter and block the blower wheel, causing rattling sounds. 
  • Worn drum roller: These rollers on the front and rear of the dryer drum help it rotate smoothly. If the rollers become worn the drum can make thumping sounds as it spins.
  • Damaged drive belt: This rubber belt helps power the dryer drum and supports its weight, but can be subject to cracks and tears over time. A damaged belt may create a squealing or thumping sound as the drum turns.

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