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Why Your Miele Dishwasher Leaves Dishes Wet After a Cycle

High-end appliances are an investment, and paying more for a quality product means you deserve high performance. So when your Miele dishwasher leaves dishes wet, it can be alarming. However, you don’t need to worry! More often than not, there can be simple fixes for this common problem that don’t necessarily require repair.

Dishing on Dishwashers: Why Your Miele Dishwasher Leaves Dishes Wet

We’ll delve into why your Miele dishwasher leaves dishes wet, but to do that, we need to cover some ground first. We’ll go over dishwasher drying methods (including your Miele dishwasher drying system), common reasons for a Miele dishwasher not drying, and what you can do to fix that.

Miele Dishwasher Drying System

Many dishwashers utilize heated drying for the final step of the washing process- moving hot air around the dishwasher in much the same way a convection oven does. However, Miele uses the condensation system, which saves time and energy by using the way water condenses from hot to cooler surfaces to bring the water off of dishes and onto the stainless steel basin of your dishwasher. But like with any system, it is still susceptible to user error.

Dishes Aren’t Loaded Correctly

While the epitome of convenience, dishwashers can be overtaxed by overloading or incorrect loading, barring them from being able to dry effectively. We have a guide on how to load a dishwasher properly to maximize cleaning potential. If you simply want some quick tips though, follow these steps:

  • Don’t stack things too closely together: Bowls too close together, or too many silverware items of the same type close together will limit airflow to each item.
  • Everything has its place: Smaller items, like cups and bowls, go on top. Larger items, plates, cookware, and the like, go on the bottom. Silverware in the silverware basket.
  • Minimize puddles: Place bowls and cups upside down, along with storage containers as well. Make sure anything placed face down cannot fall into a position where it could be filled with water, as that makes it harder to dry.

Unloading Dishes Out of Order

One of the reasons that your Miele dishwasher leaves dishes wet could simply lie in how you unload it. Unload the bottom rack first, that way, if there is water collecting on various dishes, it will fall into the dishwasher, rather than onto your newly clean dishes.

Utilize Miele Dishwasher Cycle Options

There are multiple cycle settings on your Miele dishwasher, and if you aren’t careful, you could pick one that does not use its drying fans. Drying fans pull the steamy air of the dishwasher towards the basin and away from your clean dishes. Ensure that the cycle you use includes the “drying” feature.

miele dishwasher drying system
Image from Miele

Plastic Items in the Dishwasher

The reason that your Miele dishwasher leaves dishes wet may not be because of the dishwasher at all— it could be because of the dishes themselves. Plastic dishes do not hold heat as well as glass or ceramic do, which means that the condensation process is stifled. Limiting the use of plastic dishes in your dishwasher will help the overall process.

Try Adding Miele Dishwasher Rinse Aid

Finally, an often overlooked step you could take is to add rinse aid. While many people think it just makes your dishes shine, it is actually an important dishwasher asset— it breaks the surface tension of the water, which stops it from sticking to your dishes.

miele dishwasher leaves dishes wet
Image from Miele


Miele recommends its own Miele Dishwasher Rinse Aid, as it was specially formulated to work in their dishwashers.

If your Miele Dishwasher leaves dishes wet, after all of that, then it may be time for a repair. Advance Appliance Service can provide dishwasher repair service for any problem or concern.

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