samsung refrigerator not dispensing water or ice

Samsung Refrigerator Dispenser Not Working? Follow These Helpful Tips.

As convenient as a refrigerator dispenser may be, malfunctions can feel like a big annoyance. Why is your Samsung refrigerator dispenser not working? The lock feature may be enabled, prohibiting any function. Learn the most common reasons for a Samsung refrigerator not dispensing water or ice and how to solve the problem.

How to Troubleshoot a Samsung Refrigerator Dispenser Not Working Properly

While a part failure is possible, a Samsung refrigerator dispenser not working properly is often due to an outside issue. These troubleshooting tips can help pinpoint the problem so you can continue enjoying ice and water and the touch of a button.

Dispenser Is Locked

When you find your Samsung refrigerator water and ice dispenser not working, first make sure the Control Lock feature is disabled. This feature locks all dispenser functions to prevent accidental use. When Control Lock is enabled, a lock icon typically appears on the dispenser’s display panel.

To turn off the Control Lock feature, press and hold the Control Lock button for 3 seconds. An unlocked icon should appear, indicating that it’s disabled, and all dispenser functions should resume.

samsung refrigerator dispenser not working
Image from Samsung

Water Supply Problem

A Samsung refrigerator won’t dispense properly if it doesn’t have sufficient water access from your home’s supply.

The following water supply problems can limit the dispenser’s access to water:

  • Kinked or frozen water line: A kinked water line restricts the flow of water from your home supply to the refrigerator. While some kinks can be straightened, the water line must be replaced if the kink causes damage. Similarly, a frozen water line will also block water flow. Aiming a hairdryer at the water line can melt accumulated ice so water can flow freely.
  • Low water pressure: If your home’s water pressure is less than 40 psi, your dispenser may not be able to produce water and ice. If you find your ice maker not working or low water pressure in your kitchen sink, check your home’s water pressure and consult a professional if it can’t maintain the proper psi.
  • Defective water inlet valve: The refrigerator’s water inlet valve opens and closes to supply the dispenser with water from your home supply. If the valve malfunctions and remains closed, water won’t supply the dispenser. A defective water inlet valve requires professional replacement.

Water Filter Needs to be Replaced

The refrigerator’s filter removes impurities from your home water supply before it’s dispensed as drinking water and ice. If the filter isn’t functioning correctly, it can restrict water flow to the dispenser.

The following filter issues can result in a Samsung refrigerator dispenser not working properly:

  • Filter is due for a change: Refrigerator water filters eventually become clogged with the impurities they remove, restricting water flow to the dispenser. To avoid clogs, it’s recommended that you change a Samsung refrigerator water filter every 6 months.
  • Improper installation: If the filter isn’t installed properly or is damaged, it can limit water flow to the dispenser or cause refrigerator leaks. Refer to your user manual’s instructions to make sure the filter is installed correctly.
  • Incorrect filter brand: Samsung recommends using their recommended OEM filter for proper fit and function. Failure to use an OEM filter can result in leaks and water flow issues that limit water flow to the dispenser. 
samsung refrigerator water filter
Image from Samsung

Dispenser Switch Is Broken

Dispenser switches provide each button on the touchpad with electricity to respond to your commands. When a switch is broken, it won’t provide the necessary voltage to dispense water or ice. If a Samsung water dispenser switch shows a lack of continuity with multimeter testing, it requires replacement.

Door Switch Failure

To prevent leaks, a refrigerator door switch turns the dispenser off if the door is open. When the switch fails electronically, the dispenser may remain off even if the door is closed. If multimeter testing shows that the switch has a lack of continuity, it should be replaced by a professional refrigerator service.

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