my refrigerator is making a buzzing noise

How to Silence a Samsung Refrigerator Making Noise

Modern refrigerators are so quiet that when you hear a Samsung refrigerator making noise it can be startling. Beeps, buzzes or humming may sound disconcerting but when your Samsung refrigerator runs loud there is often an easy fix.

Samsung Refrigerator Making Noise

We’ve listed some of the more common sounds that occur when you hear a Samsung refrigerator making noise. Some of these indicate normal refrigerator functions, while others require immediate attention or professional repair. Read on to find out why you have a Samsung fridge making noise and how to silence it.

Beeping Sound

Most refrigerators beep when the doors are left open. If your refrigerator continues to beep even when the doors are closed, open and close them again to make sure they’re closing properly. If the beeping continues, check other appliances and house alarms to see they’re the cause. If the beeping persists and you’ve confirmed it’s your Samsung refrigerator making noise, there are two other possibilities:

  • If you recently removed and reattached your refrigerator doors, they may have been reattached incorrectly. Refer to you user manual to make sure the doors’ wire harness is properly connected.
  • If the beeping is accompanied by a blinking light, the refrigerator’s temperature is too high. Readjust the temperature via the digital controls to stop the beeping.
samsung refrigerator making noise
Image from Sharper Service Solutions

Loud Banging

Often the cause for a loud bang is pretty simple, like a container in the refrigerator falling over or ice from the icemaker falling into the ice bin.

However, if you have a Samsung refrigerator making noise like an owl, this often means that ice is building up around the component’s fan. Samsung refrigerator fan noise should stop if the ice falls into the bin but if not, professional servicing is necessary to fix the problem or any persistent banging.

Crackling or Popping

If your Samsung refrigerator is making a popping noise with crackling sounds, don’t panic. Oftentimes, new refrigerators make these sounds as they adjust to the temperature of their new surroundings and internal plastic parts expand and contract. The crackling and popping sounds come from these parts and it should dwindle with time.

If the crackling and popping continues and/or is so loud that you can’t carry on a conversation, a professional repair is in order.

samsung refrigerator making noise like an owl
Image from Samsung

Humming or Buzzing

Do you have a Samsung refrigerator making loud humming noise? It’s important to know that a refrigerator’s compressor typically makes these sounds. The sounds will stop and start, increase and decrease in speed, and even click at times. All of these sounds are considered normal for this component.

A dirty, jammed, or failing fan motor can also lead to irritating refrigerator humming or buzzing noises. You can inspect the fan motors yourself, but always be sure to unplug the refrigerator before performing any work. Locate the evaporator and condenser fan motors and inspect them for dirt, debris, or obstructions. Remove any debris or blockages and try turning the blade with your hands. If the blade doesn’t turn freely, it may be the cause of the noise and require replacement.

Another cause for humming and buzzing in a refrigerator could be a water pressure level that’s too high. While it’s typical to hear water filling the ice maker, if this noise is too loud, the pressure should be decreased. Try decreasing the water pressure so that ¾ cup water is dispensed in less than 10 seconds and the noise stops. If the humming or buzzing persists or becomes extremely loud, a professional assessment is required.

Rattling Noise

One of the most common causes of a refrigerator rattling noise is a loose component. Refrigerators do vibrate at times while running, and this vibration can cause screws to loosen and rattle. A well-known source of this issue is the drain pan underneath the unit. Access the rear of the refrigerator and locate the drain pan. Once located, use a screwdriver to tighten any loose screws you find.

Rattling sounds could even be as simple as something clattering against the back of the refrigerator. Move the refrigerator forward one inch to see if the noise stops.

Again, the compressor can also make a rattling noise as it slows to a stop. In this case, it should only last for about ten seconds and be fairly quiet. Any persistent rattling from the compressor will require professional servicing as defective units cannot be repaired, only replaced.

We hope this information took the mystery out of why you have a Samsung refrigerator making noise. Advance Appliance Service is happy to answer any continuing concerns and be your #1 choice for a Samsung refrigerator repair service!

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