sub zero refrigerator not getting cold

5 Reasons Why Your Sub Zero Refrigerator Is Not Cold Enough

Sub-Zero refrigerators are known for using the highest quality materials and most modern innovations to keep food cold. Given its quality construction, it can be a surprise if the refrigerator isn’t cooling correctly. From incorrect temperature settings to dirty condenser coils, we’ll review the most common reasons your Sub-Zero refrigerator is not cold enough.

What to Do When Your Sub Zero Refrigerator is Not Cold Enough

A malfunction or part failure isn’t always the reason when your Sub Zero refrigerator is not cold enough. Whether you have a built-in or freestanding model, an easy adjustment may be all that’s needed to fix the problem. Here’s where to start your Sub Zero refrigerator troubleshooting.

#1. Check for Sub Zero Error Codes

Your Sub-Zero refrigerator uses a series of error codes to communicate changes in function or problems. These codes are typically displayed on the control panel at the top of the refrigerator’s interior.

When your Sub-Zero refrigerator won’t cool, check your control panel to see if an error code is displayed. If it is, refer to your use and care manual to check the meaning of the Sub Zero service codes.

sub zero refrigerator is not cold enough
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#2. Refrigerator Temperature Is Set Too High

If you have a Sub-Zero refrigerator not getting cold, the temperature setting may be too high. For proper cooling, your refrigerator’s electronic temperature control should be set at 38°F. Your freezer should be set to 0°F or your Sub Zero ice maker won’t make ice. In refrigerator models with a dial control, both the refrigerator and freezer dials should be set between 4 and 6.

If the refrigerator’s temperature needs to be adjusted, it may take up to 24 hours for it to reach the correct temperature.

#3. Sub Zero Refrigerator Door Not Closing Properly

If you mistakenly leave the refrigerator door open, cold air can escape and warm air can enter, lowering the refrigerator’s internal temperature. If your Sub-Zero refrigerator is not cold enough, check to make sure that the door is closed properly. Oftentimes, your refrigerator will sound a gentle alarm if the door is still ajar.

If the door is closed, check its rubber gasket. This gasket creates a tight seal that keeps cold air in and prevents warm air from entering. If the gasket is dirty or damaged, cool air may escape and raise the refrigerator’s temperature even if the door is closed. While a dirty gasket can be washed with a damp cloth, a damaged gasket must be professionally replaced.

#4. Dirty Sub Zero Refrigerator Coils

Refrigerator coils remove heat from refrigerant so that it can create cool air for the refrigerator. However, if these coils get coated in dust or dirt they won’t be able to adequately cool refrigerant and your refrigerator temperature can rise.

sub zero refrigerator coil cleaning
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When it comes to Sub Zero refrigerator maintenance, we recommend refrigerator coils cleaning every 6-12 months for optimal function. Here’s how to clean Sub-Zero refrigerator coils quickly and easily:

  1. Locate the condenser coils behind the grille at the top of the unit
  2. Use an appliance brush to gently remove visible dust and dirt
  3. Use a narrow hose vacuum attachment to remove remaining dust around the condenser coils
  4. Replace the refrigerator grille

#5. Refrigerator Fan Motor Failure

A Sub-Zero refrigerator fan not running can also be responsible for warmer internal temperatures. A condenser fan circulates cool air over the condenser coils to aid in the cooling of refrigerant. Meanwhile, an evaporator fan helps circulate cool air throughout the entire unit. If either of these fans malfunction, your refrigerator may not cool correctly.

Our Sub-Zero refrigeration specialists are trained to handle any repair. If your Sub-Zero refrigerator is not cold enough even after these troubleshooting tips, call Advance Appliance Service to schedule a repair.

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