things you can clean in a dishwasher

6 Common Things You Can Clean in a Dishwasher

Contrary to its name, your trusty dishwasher is capable of cleaning more than just dishes. What else can you clean in a dishwasher? Place your dryer’s lint filter in the top rack to rid it of lint and dryer sheet residue. Use this list of common things you can clean in a dishwasher to make the most of this trusty appliance.

Housekeeping Hacks: Things You Can Clean in a Dishwasher That Make Life Easier

From appliance parts to children’s toys, some of the things you can clean in a dishwasher may surprise you. Our favorite dishwasher hacks offer quick solutions to clean, sanitize and refresh a variety of everyday objects, saving time and effort.

1. Sanitize Children’s Toys

Dishwasher tricks that clean and sanitize have a double duty, making them especially helpful for kids’ toys. Plastic blocks, cars, and teething rings can collect dirt and grime, especially after being used by many different hands. The dishwasher’s hot water not only removes stains but sanitizes, banishing harmful germs. While large items can be arranged on the bottom rack, place smaller toys in the utensil holder or a mesh bag on the top rack.

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2. Dryer Lint Screen

What can you put in a dishwasher that needs regular cleanings? Even if you remove the lint after each use, your dryer’s lint screen should be cleaned to remove lingering dirt and residue. After removing the lint, place the screen in the top rack of your dishwasher and run a complete wash cycle. Allow the screen to dry completely before replacing it.

3. Hairbrushes and Accessories

Hairbrushes, ponytail holders, and barrettes are all things you can clean in a dishwasher to remove dirt and bacteria. Remove as much hair as you can from brushes and place them in the top rack. Secure ponytail holders, barrettes, and other accessories in the utensil holder or a separate dishwasher basket to keep them from slipping below. Skip the dishwasher for hairbrushes with natural bristles or wooden handles, though, as the hot water can cause damage.

4. Trash Can Lids and Waste Baskets

What can be cleaned in a dishwasher when they get dirty and smelly? Small trash can lids and wastebaskets made of hard plastic can go right in the bottom rack. Place wastebaskets upside down for better washing and draining and remove the top rack, if necessary, to accommodate taller items. To limit exposure to bacteria, we recommend washing these items separately from dishes and using our dishwasher cleaning tips after the cycle is complete.

5. Sponges and Scrub Brushes

Your sponge and scrub brush are things you can clean in a dishwasher to rid them of dirt and bacteria. Food particles, grease, and grime can all linger in the crevices of a sponge or a scrub brush’s bristles. But a quick run in the top rack of the dishwasher will make them clean, fresh, and bacteria-free. While brushes can be washed repeatedly, sponges will require replacement when they break down.

6. Gardening Tools

What items are dishwasher safe and could use a thorough cleaning? Metal and plastic gardening tools can benefit from a run in the dishwasher to rid them of caked-on dirt and fertilizer. Just be sure to wash them separately from other items so these contaminants don’t find their way onto dishes.

things you can clean in a dishwasher

What Should Not Go in the Dishwasher?

While there are many things you can clean in a dishwasher, there are some items that should always steer clear.

What items are not dishwasher safe? These common objects should be hand washed:

  • Cast iron skillets: The dishwasher’s detergent and water will strip the skillet of its essential seasoning, impairing function and creating lasting damage.
  • Wooden cutting boards and spoons: The heat and hot water can warp or crack the board, creating a hiding place for bacteria.
  • High-quality knives: The carbon steel in many blades is prone to rusting, while detergents and strong spray can chip and discolor them.
  • Non-stick pans: These pans have a special coating that can be stripped away by the dishwasher’s heat and hot water.

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