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Best Undercounter Ice Makers for Your Home

As a seasoned entertainer, you’ve probably noticed that your refrigerator ice maker can’t keep up during family get-togethers or hot summer days.

While a standard refrigerator ice maker does an ok job of keeping up with typical daily use (no more than 6-10 glasses of ice a day), a residential ice machine will provide a steady supply of high-quality ice to the tune of 80 pounds per day!

Which brings us to our point…the best ice maker for an entertainer’s kitchen is likely an undercounter model.

Is there a difference between a refrigerator ice maker & an undercounter ice machine? Undercounter ice machines provide more capacity than a standard refrigerator ice maker by leaps and bounds! The Scotsman Brilliance Nugget Ice Machine, for example, can produce 80 pounds of classic nugget ice in 24 hours. In contrast, a standard refrigerator will only produce 4-6 pounds in a 24 hour period.

Top 3 Best Undercounter Ice Makers

If you’re looking for residential undercounter ice maker reviews, you’ve come to the right place. To make the decision easy, we’ve compiled a list 3 of the best undercounter ice makers on the market today:

Scotsman Brilliance Nugget Ice Machine

If you’re looking for the best ice maker for your home bar, you can’t go wrong with a Scotsman. They have been delivering quality ice machines for decades that produce perfect ice every time. The Brilliance Nugget Ice Machine makes chewable ice and produces up to 80 pounds of ice in just one day.

If you’re big on backyard hosting, this Scotsman Ice Machine is made for outdoor use as well – no more trips in and out of the house to replenish your ice supply.

Additional Features:

  • Stainless steel
  • 15-inch undercounter ice machine
  • Energy and water efficient
  • Approved for outdoor use
  • Lighted bin
  • Reversible door

Price: $4,263

Check out more product details here.

best undercounter ice makers
Scotsman Brilliance Nugget Machine

Viking Undercounter Freestanding Nugget Ice Machine

Another top ice maker for a home bar is the Viking Undercounter Freestanding Nugget Ice Machine. This sleek stainless steel ice maker produces up to 80 pounds of chewable restaurant style “nugget ice” in 24 hours. It’s the perfect, easy-to-use ice machine that will make your next event a breeze.

The Viking Undercounter Ice Machine also includes a water quality sensor to ensure your family and guests are getting the purest ice in their beverages – much better than the questionable quality you’d get with store-bought ice!

Additional Features:

  • 15″ Undercounter ice machine
  • Tru-Flush design for 24″ cabinet cutouts
  • 26-pound capacity
  • LED ice bin light
  • Low water and energy usage
  • Self-closing door

Price: $3,309

More product details can be found on the Viking website.

best ice maker for home bar
Viking Undercounter Freestanding Nugget Ice Machine

Sub-Zero Undercounter Ice Maker (Panel Ready!)

Our third choice for the best home ice machine is the Sub-Zero Undercounter Ice Maker. Impress your family and guests with beautiful octagonal-shaped ice. This ice maker is capable of producing up to 50 pounds of ice in a day.

The best thing about this ice machine? It’s panel ready to fit into your home seamlessly.

Additional Features:

  • 15-inch panel ready undercounter ice machine
  • Manual and auto-delay function
  • 26-pound capacity
  • Magnetic door seals
  • Built-in ice scoop

Price: $3,195

For more information, see the product details.

best home ice machine
Sub-Zero Undercounter Ice Maker


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