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Why Your Bosch Oven Smells Bad and How to Fix It

When an overdone roast or burnt cookies fill your oven with odor, the cause is fairly clear.  But what if your Bosch oven smells bad and food isn’t to blame? An oven that smells like burnt plastic may have melted plastic cookware inside. Determine why your oven smells weird with these troubleshooting tips that detail how to dispel the smell.

What to Do When Your Bosch Oven Smells Bad

While a thorough cleaning usually dissipates most odors, some require specific cleaning techniques. Other smells require immediate action to prevent bigger problems. Here’s how to pinpoint and attack odor at the source when your Bosch oven smells bad.

New Bosch Oven Smells

Strange smells are fairly common in new ovens that are being used for the first time. Is new oven smell dangerous? Most are not and should dissipate within a few minutes or after the first few times you use the oven.

The following are common new Bosch oven smells :

  • Gas: Gas ovens can emit a strong odor of gas when first turned on, as a small amount of gas may be released before it ignites. The smell should disappear within a few minutes.
  • Chemicals: A chemical smell from oven may occur when the insulation in its cavity is exposed to heat for the first time. To lessen the odor and its duration, Bosch recommends”burning in” your oven prior to its first use. To do this, preheat your oven to its highest temperature (usually between 450 and 550℉) and leave it on for 30 minutes to 1 hour. 
  • Plastic: A burning plastic smell occurs if packing materials, such as plastic wrapping or zip ties, are left inside the oven after installation. When the oven is turned on for the first time, the plastic will start to melt and give off an odor. Always examine the oven’s cavity thoroughly and remove any packing materials before its first use.

Bosch Oven Smells Like Burning Plastic

If your Bosch oven smells like burning plastic and it’s not new, then it’s possible that plastic cookware may have melted inside. Plastic cookware or utensils will melt if left in the oven for an extended period of time. Once melted, the plastic will eventually burn and will continue to smell each time the oven is heated.

To remove burnt plastic in its liquid form, use a wooden spoon to scrape it up from the oven’s base. For burnt plastic that has already cooled, carefully scrape it away with a dull knife or scraping tool. If there are no pieces of plastic cookware in your oven and the smell persists, it’s possible that a plastic sheath around the oven’s wiring is damaged. Any wiring concerns should be addressed by a professional repair service.

Chemical smell from oven

Bosch Oven Smells Like Gas

Is it bad if your Bosch oven smells like gas when it’s not brand new? The severity of the problem depends on a few different factors. If the oven smells like gas when in use and doesn’t disappear after a few minutes, turn the oven off. Ventilate the kitchen by opening the windows and turning on the exhaust fan and schedule an assessment with an oven repair service.

If your Bosch oven smells like gas when it’s turned off, it could indicate a more serious problem, like a gas leak. The leak could be occurring in your home’s gas supply, where it connects to the oven, or within the oven itself. In any case, refrain from turning the oven on and leave the house immediately. Once outside, contact a professional repair service or your local gas provider to request an emergency assessment.

Oven Smells Like Sulfur or Rotten Eggs

Sometimes leaking gas can smell like sulfur or rotten eggs. If your Bosch oven smells sulfurous and the oven is on, turn it off and ventilate the kitchen. Schedule a professional assessment as soon as possible. If you notice this smell when the oven is off, vacate the house immediately and request an emergent assessment.

Bosch Oven Cleaning Tips

Knowing how to clean an oven can usually dispel food, plastic and chemical odors. Cleaning your oven before its first use can also help prevent some smells.

Use these Bosch oven cleaning tips to eliminate odor:

  • Clean the interior with baking soda and vinegar: A baking soda paste and vinegar spray can safely clean and deodorize the oven without the risks of the self-clean cycle’s high heat.
  • Spot clean regularly: Use the Bosch brand oven cleaner to remove burnt-on food stains as they occur.
  • Don’t forget the oven racks: Clean the racks by washing them with warm, soapy water and a clean cloth. Dry thoroughly before replacing.

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