Nobody likes getting a glass of water with ice and noticing the ice has a bad smell or taste. If your KitchenAid refrigerator ice smells foul, you need to find what’s causing the problem. Not only could this be affecting the ice, but it could cause problems with your refrigerator water as well. Below are some methods for how to fix bad tasting ice and water from your refrigerator.

KitchenAid Refrigerator Ice Smells or Tastes Funny? Here’s What to Check…

#1: Problems with Tap Water

If your Kitchenaid water tastes bad, it might not be the refrigerator’s problem at all. You could potentially have problems with the quality of water in your home. New plumbing can often lead to strange-tasting water. Throw out the next three batches of ice and flush your water dispenser by running it and disposing of the water.

Also, make sure your water line is not connected to a soft water supply, as these use chemicals that can affect the taste and scent of water and ice. If you cannot avoid using a soft water supply, make sure it’s working properly and is in good working condition.

#2: Ice Absorbing Food Odors

Another reason why your Kitchenaid refrigerator ice smells bad could be because of the food inside the unit. You should check the expiration dates on the food, double-check that everything is sealed properly, and try your ice again.

Any bad smell from the food could leak itself into the ice. Once that’s completed, we recommend using baking soda to help soak up any odors and regular cleaning in the future to avoid this problem again.

kitchenaid refrigerator ice smells

#3: Stale Ice Cubes

It’s important to use or get rid of the ice in the ice maker tray on a regular basis. Low ice usage lets the cubes get old, stale, even moldy. This causes ice in the ice maker to smell like mildew.

If you’re not using the ice maker enough, consider emptying it every week or so. To do this, simply dump out the extra ice and wait for a fresh batch of cubes to be produced. 

#4: Dirty Kitchenaid Water Filter

If your KitchenAid refrigerator water smells bad, the water filter may need to be replaced. Be sure to always change the filer when the warning light comes on or every six months, whichever comes first.

The filters can get dirty over time due to overuse and will cause bad-tasting water and smelly ice. A dirty Kitchenaid water filter is normal and easily fixable. Just be sure to replace it with a brand-name filter as generic versions can cause leaks and other issues.

#5: Clean Your Kitchenaid Ice Maker

It’s normal for your Kitchenaid ice maker to need regular maintenance. Over time, typical wear and tear of the unit can cause odor problems. Below are a few tips for how to clean the internal part of your ice maker:

  1. Remove any remaining ice in the reservoir
  2. Unplug the ice maker and disconnect the water supply line
  3. Use warm, soapy water to clean the ice maker
  4. For deep cleaning, use a bit of vinegar
  5. Dry each part and re-install back into the refrigerator

If your Kitchenaid refrigerator ice smells off even after completing each option listed above, we suggest using our ice maker repair service to help get your refrigerator back to normal.