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Sub-Zero Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Making Ice? This Could Be Why.

Though your Sub-Zero refrigerator has many amenities, the icemaker is one that many of us appreciate most. After all, we’ve grown accustomed to having an icy cold beverage at any time. So when you notice your Sub-Zero refrigerator ice maker not making ice, you’ll want to address it right away. From an incorrect freezer temperature to a dirty water filter, our Sub Zero refrigerator troubleshooting tips will help you fix the problem yourself.

Causes of a Sub-Zero Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Making Ice

We can assume the worst with appliance malfunctions, but there’s often a simple solution for a Sub-Zero refrigerator ice maker not making ice. We’ll discuss some possible causes so you know the right DIY fix or when to call in a professional.

Sub-Zero Ice Maker Not Turned On

Sometimes the simplest solution is the most elusive.  If you have a Sub-Zero refrigerator ice maker not making ice, we suggest first making sure that the ice maker is on. Just because the refrigerator is running doesn’t mean that the ice maker is on as well.

We recommend consulting your owner’s manual for specifics on how to turn on Sub-Zero ice maker. However, most models are turned on when the white plastic arm above the ice bin is in the down position.

sub zero refrigerator ice maker not making ice
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Ice Maker Needs More Time

All good things are worth waiting for. For a newly installed refrigerator, the ice maker requires 24 hours to produce a batch of ice. It will also take this long to produce ice if the ice maker or refrigerator has been turned off for a period of time.

Sub-Zero Freezer Temperature Too High

Just as we can’t keep ice from melting on a warm day, your freezer will be unable to form ice if the freezer is too warm. Sub-Zero recommends setting your freezer temperature to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically any temperature at or below 5 degrees Fahrenheit will allow for proper ice production.

If your freezer temperature is properly set but the freezer still feels warm, we suggest checking the door seal. Debris or breakages in the seal will prevent it from closing properly and cold air will escape. Wipe away any debris with a damp cloth and request professional service to replace any broken sealing.

sub zero ice maker freezing up
Image from Sub Zero

Sub-Zero Water Inlet Issues

The water inlet valve in a Sub-Zero refrigerator opens to supply the ice maker with water to make ice. If the inlet valve is responsible for your Sub-Zero refrigerator ice maker not making ice there are usually two common reasons:

  • Insufficient pressure: the inlet valve requires at least 20psi of pressure to properly release water. If the pressure is too low, the water in your Sub-Zero ice maker water line will freeze. This prevents it from reaching the ice maker and making ice.
  • Defective valve: sometimes the water inlet valve is defective and won’t open to release water to the ice maker. In this case, we recommend that the valve be professionally replaced.

Dirty Sub-Zero Water Filter

Your Sub-Zero ice maker filter uses a fine mesh screen to prevent mineral deposits and other particles from contaminating the water for ice. Over time this screen can become clogged, preventing the filter from doing its job. It can also lessen the flow of water to the ice maker, affecting the quality of the ice.

We recommend changing your ice maker water filter every 6-12 months. Sub-Zero recommends using their certified brand of filters for proper fit and function.

Defective Sub-Zero Ice Maker

If you find your Sub-Zero ice maker freezing up periodically or continuing to malfunction it may be defective. In this case, we recommend a professional service to assess the cause of your Sub Zero ice maker not working properly. From there, our experts can replace the ice maker if necessary.

If these troubleshooting tips still leave you with a Sub-Zero refrigerator not making ice, Advance Appliance Service can help. As the premier ice maker service in Nashville, we’ll have you sipping a cold drink again in no time!

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