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Why Is My Sub-Zero Refrigerator Light Not Working?

A brightly illuminated refrigerator interior is something we take for granted, until we open the door to find it dark inside. Why is my Sub-Zero refrigerator light not working? If the door is left open for too long, the light will turn off. Use these troubleshooting tips to solve the problem when your Sub-Zero refrigerator lights stay dark.

5 Reasons for A Sub-Zero Refrigerator Light Not Working

In most cases, a Sub-Zero refrigerator light not working has a simple DIY fix. However, there are some cases where a professional repair may be warranted. Here’s how to determine the right reason and response.

Incoming Power Issue

One of the most common reasons a refrigerator light stays dark is a lack of power. Without electricity, all the refrigerator’s functions will cease and its lights won’t illuminate. Signs of power issues include a Sub-Zero refrigerator display not working as well as refrigerator temperature issues like a warm interior.

Here’s how to check for incoming power problems:

  • Make sure the refrigerator is turned on: Most Sub-Zero refrigerators have a power button on the control panel that must be turned on for it to receive power. Confirm that the button is illuminated or says “ON.”
  • Check the power cord: Make sure the cord is damage-free and properly plugged into a functioning outlet. Avoid extension cords that can’t reliably transmit the voltage required, resulting in surges that interrupt power.
  • Look for tripped breakers: Reset any tripped breakers in your home circuit breaker box. After a power outage, you may need to turn off the refrigerator’s breaker and wait 30 seconds before turning it on again.

sub-zero refrigerator lights went out

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Door Left Open

If your Sub-Zero refrigerator doors are left open for at least 10 minutes, the lights will dim to prevent them from overheating. Is your Sub-Zero refrigerator light not working even after closing the doors? Depending on how long the light was on, it can take up to 45 minutes for it to cool enough to turn on again.

To avoid this problem, always make sure the doors are completely closed after each use. When retrieving or replacing items, try to keep the doors open for as short a time as possible. 

Sabbath Mode Is Enabled

Some Sub-Zero refrigerators have a Sabbath mode feature that turns off the ice maker and door alarm as well the refrigerator lights. If you find your fridge and freezer lights out, the Sabbath mode feature on the control panel may have been accidentally enabled.

The process for disabling the Sabbath mode function varies depending on your model refrigerator. Refer to your user manual to determine how to turn it off on your unit.

sub zero sabbath mode
Image from Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero Light Bulb Needs Changing

If your Sub-Zero refrigerator lights went out suddenly, it’s possible they burned out and must be replaced. In most cases, new bulbs must be obtained from a factory certified parts distributor and are not available online.

Light bulb location, size, and wattage differ depending on your model refrigerator. In addition, some bulbs may be behind a light diffuser, while others are exposed. Refer to your user manual for the exact replacement instructions for your unit.

Faulty Sub-Zero Door Switch

If you still notice your Sub-Zero refrigerator light not working, it’s possible that the door switch is faulty. In most Sub-Zero models, there are 1-2 switches located at the top of the refrigerator’s frame. When the doors close, they push in the switch, signaling the lights to turn off. Sometimes, the switch becomes stuck, remaining in the closed position. Freezer door switches may also become frozen shut. In both cases, the switch’s position prevents the lights from turning on.

While manually defrosting the freezer may restore a frozen door switch, a stuck switch should generally be replaced. We recommend that only an experienced DIYer or Sub-Zero repair service handle this repair.

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